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Cosmetic Surgery News

Recent research into the demographic spread of cosmetic surgery patients, shows that our assumtions about high-income patients are the exclusive clients of the world's plastic surgeons may be very wrong.

The study showed that about a third of the total patients were people the earn less than...read more

Does the size of your breasts bother you?

Breast Implants | Breast Augmentation | Breast Enlargement

The primary concern is that their breasts are too small. As a result, one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery is breast enlargement with breast implants. If women are looking to improve the shape, symmetry, size and volume of their breasts, implants would be a desirable choice and a step closer to truly beautiful breasts...read more

Does your face give away your age?

Face Lift | Face Breasts | Sagging Face

The modern face lift incorporates three dimensional enhancements of the volume of the face that may be lost as a result of aging. In carefully selected patients, a short scar face lift can be applied. This procedure is performed by means of an incision, hidden within the ear skin creases. Additional volume enhancing...read more

Sagging breasts? A simple breast lift is the answer.

Breast Lift Surgery | Breast Lift Procedure | Breast Lift Price

This procedure can be performed together with either breast enlargement or breast reduction procedures. A range of methods are available and during the consultation, Vive Clinic will ensure that your individual requirements are met through the suitable choice of cosmetic surgery...read more

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After you have consulted with your plastic surgeon, VIVE COSMETIC SOLUTIONS will refer you to a friendly and caring Finance Consultant who will help you obtain a personal loan...

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