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Vive Cosmetic Solutions philosophy...


This clinic was developed with a single philosophy in mind: to offer you, the patient, the highest standard cosmetic improvement you deserve at an affordable price. We have been taking several measures to accomplish this goal:

We use services of surgeons who believe in this cause. We select surgeons who meet very high selection criteria, as listed below

We are able to offer the services at affordable rates because of the large numbers of South African and international patients we refer.

All surgeons are fully registered with the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Southern Africa and the Health Professional Council of South Africa

All surgeons are registered with the Int. Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

All operations are performed in facilities fully accredited by the South African health authorities, usually

Netcare group hospitals. Small interventions are offered on an ambulatory basis.

When anesthetic services are required, all anesthetists are fully registered specialists.


The Servce

You can expect the following:

An initial consultation with the expert surgeon to determine the aesthetic goals of your procedure and assess the relevant risks.

A computer presentation of the surgeon experience with the specific operation under discussion including before/after photos