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Penile enlargement, lengthening and widening

*Individual results may vary


Penile enlargement cosmetic surgery consists of two separate mechanisms. The first is intended to increase the length of the penis. This procedure was initially developed by Chinese surgeons for congenital micro-penis but was later developed and adopted for the use in cosmetic surgical procedures. In order to effectively lengthen the penis projection, the penis is advanced out of the pelvis and the shaft is secured in a frontal position. The increase in penis length is typically within the range of 15 to 45 mm.*

The second component involves increasing the breadth of the penis shaft. This procedure entails micro fat grafting to the penis. Increase of the breadth is achieved by injecting the patient’s own fat around the erectile tissue of the penis. Fat is generally harvested from the lower minal area. The resultant increase in the circumference of the shaft ranges from 25% to 40%.

The duration of this procedure is between one and an hour and a half. The surgery can be performed either under conscious sedation with local anaesthesia or under general anaesthetic. It is usually conducted on a day-basis.

Patients may experience minimal to moderate pain as well as substantial swelling. The pain is responsive to painkillers and the swelling reaches a peak within two days of the surgery, after which it commencing to subside. The patient is discouraged from engaging in sexual activity for six weeks after the procedure. Work can be resumed within five to seven days of the surgery.