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The Process

Many thanks for your enquiry about cosmetic surgery and non-surgical beauty solutions.

The surgeon would now have to consult with you in order to make an accurate assessment of your situation and give you advice on how to achieve the best possible result. At the consultation the surgeon will show you 'before and after' photos of patients who have had similar corrective surgery and their results. The cost of surgery varies depending on what has to be done in your specific case. Should two procedures or more be done simultaneously there would be a substantial discount in price which the surgeon would also discuss with you at your consultation.

These fees include the surgeon's fee, anesthetist's fee, theatre costs, hospital stay and post-operative visits. Vive Aesthetic Solutions only uses the services of highly experienced staff and works with specialist anesthetists. All post-operative care is included in the surgery price. Surgery is booked at the Rosebank Clinic, which is an up-market clinic situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, where you are assured of excellent care.

This fully inclusive package also allows for accommodation in a private ward. Depending on the procedure, your hospital stay would be for either one or two nights.