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Nose Reshaping

*Individual results may vary

Nose Reshaping | Rhinoplasty | Nose SurgeryRhinoplasty | Nose Reshaping | Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure used to reshape the nose. Characteristics such as size, contour and proportions of the nose are all taken into account before the nose reshaping surgical procedure.

Some frequent aesthetic goals include diminution of the dorsal hump, defining an amorphous tip, and tapering the nostrils. Medical reasons for rhinoplasty include improvement of breathing complications due to blocked nasal passages. Such obstruction could be related to a deviated septum or may result from trauma to the nose.

Rhinoplasty is a skeletal procedure, unlike most cosmetic surgery procedures. The resultant changes are due to inflicted changes to bones and cartilages that support the nose, rather than skin changes. The skin is then expected to reshape itself over the modified underlying skeleton.* The nose reshaping procedure can be performed on girls no younger than 16 and boys no younger than 17 years, as nose growth has to be completed before the cosmetic surgery.

The duration of the plastic surgery is anywhere between 45 minutes and two and a half hours. The surgery can be performed successfully under conscious sedation with local or general anaesthesia. It can be carried out on a day-basis, or an overnight stay may be necessary, dependant on the extent of the plastic surgery.

The patient can expect to experience some swelling and bruising after the plastic surgery, including the areas under the eyes. The use of a nasal splint is often necessary for approximately a week after plastic surgery.