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Vagina / Labia Plasty

*Individual results may vary


Labiaplasty procedure (labia reduction surgery and beautification) involves surgically reducing and / or reshaping the female external genital structures. There are multiple reasons more and more women are requesting these procedures. Some women want to alleviate discomfort caused by the large overgrown labia which can often interfere with exercise, wearing tight fitting clothes and may cause pain during intercourse. It is also common for many women to want to improve their appearance of the butterfly or asymmetrical labia. Often just feeling good about how you look can build self esteem and self confidence. Some patients report an improvement in their sex life and as a result of this procedure and comment on the effect it has on their confidence.

Vaginaplasty (rejuvenation of the vagina) involves tightening and rebuilding of the vagina muscle and the perineum. Childbirth, aging and genetic factors often cause the vagina muscles to loosen, tear or weaken. The diameter of the vagina gets bigger and there is normally a loss of feeling and pleasure. Vaginaplasty can return the vagina to its pre-pregnancy state and can recreate sexual pleasure for the patient.* One patient described her labia as really protruding. When she stood up it would pop out and she said she commonly felt the need to tuck it back in. As well as this, her labia rubbed on her underwear which was uncomfortable and sometimes even painful for her. When she was younger she thought she would grow out of it but she did not. She had no self confidence in her relationship because her labia dangled when she was naked. After the procedure, she felt as if her life had been changed. She says she now has the confidence to do little things she hated doing before such as wearing her swimming costume in summer. She also said she was amazed how many women she knew who were fascinated about the procedure. She said they asked her a lot of questions because they felt there were not enough information out there and talking to your doctor is not always easy.

Labiaplasty and vaginaplasty procedures have increased in popularity in recent years when choosing a surgeon their experience and accreditation and whether they have undergone specialized and advanced training should be considered. As with any surgery, there are possible risks involved, however when performed by an appropriate qualified surgeon, these are minimal.

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