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Lip Enhancement

*Individual results may vary


Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips have long been associated with sensuality and sexuality and therefore with fertility and youth. For those women who desire fuller lips or those who have lost tissue volume as part of the ageing process, injectable fillers can be an effective cosmetic solution. The very first product to hit the market several decades ago was Collagen and since then other similar products have appeared. While they are undoubtedly capable of offering the results patients are looking for in the short term, these temporary fillers last for 6 – 12 months on average.

Following a number of temporary treatments one often begins to look at the longer lasting option. RestylaneLipTM is one of the best options to achieve longer lasting results. Although a single treatment of RestylaneLipTM is usually slightly more expensive than a treatment with other temporary fillers, it offers better value for money in the long-term, since the results can lasts longer.

Injecting fillers is a safe non-surgical procedure. It only has about 1% infection rate and if that does occur, it is usually very mild. The fillers are stable and inactive at the site of injection. However, because the aging process continues, it is usually necessary to carry out follow up injections in order to maintain volume. Injectable fillers can also be used in other areas of the face including under the eyes. It can be used to treat marionette lines or to create fuller cheeks.*

Facts about fillers:

  • Transparent injectable material in hydrogen form.
  • Composed of 97.5% sterile water and 2.5% cross linked polymers.
  • The water content of the hydrogel is exchanged with surrounding tissue fluid, providing a natural looking volume.
  • It resembles the body’s own tissue.
  • Creates an immediate effect.
  • Requires no hospitalization or general anaesthetic
  • More than 1 million syringes of injectable fillers have been used worldwide.