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Arm and Thigh Lift

*Individual results may vary

Arm and Thigh lift beforeArm and Thigh lift After

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As an early sign of ageing, the upper, inner thigh and the arms often show a reduction in the elasticity of the skin. Both areas are often affected during the processes of weight gain or loss. The skin in these specific regions usually responds to weight loss by hanging rather the shrinking. A similar reaction to the skin often occurs after liposculpture of these areas, hence resulting in a need for surgical elevation.

About the procedure

Young patients with elastic skin will benefit from liposculpture of the inner thighs and arms. Older individuals following massive weight loss will need to have excess skin removed. Where the patient is a suitable candidate, an attempt to conceal the scar in the arm pit or in the skin crease of the groin will be made. For the scar to settle completely, it may take a year or more. Fat contouring is an integral part of the surgical intervention.*

About the Anaesthesia

The operation can be performed on an ambulatory day basis or may require an overnight stay in hospital. Local anaesthetic infiltration is often performed under conscious sedation or light general anaesthesia.

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