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Breast Reduction (mammaplasty) Surgery

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Breast reduction is one of the most rewarding cosmetic surgery operations. Women with large, sagging breasts may experience a variety of medical problems caused by the excessive weight of the breasts; including back, neck and shoulder pains.

Over and above physical discomfort, women complain of bra straps cutting into the shoulders. Young women with larger breasts often feel embarrassed and tend to avoid participating in sporting activities as a result. In an attempt to conceal the large size of their breasts, they are often adjusting their clothing.

During breast reduction plastic surgery, the plastic surgeon removes fat, glandular tissue and skin, and remodels the breast to a beautiful shape with better position of the nipple areola complex, in proportion to the rest of your body.* The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and/or sedation with local anaesthetic infiltration, with an overnight stay in the clinic.

The length of the surgery is usually between one to two hours. Swelling, bruises and numbness are common but temporary. The shape of your breasts will determine the cosmetic surgery incision. The post-operative scars can be reduced to minimal and fade away with time.

Breast-feeding may no longer be possible as a result of the surgery. Although the surgery will leave scars, the incisions are designed to be covered by a bikini top and will fade over a period of time. During the pre-operative consultation, you should discuss with the doctor the shape and size of the breast that you desire.

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