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Breast Lift Surgery

*Individual results may vary

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Sagging breasts can be corrected through the cosmetic surgical procedure of a breast lift. This procedure can be performed together with either breast enlargement or breast reduction procedures. A range of methods are available and during the consultation, Vive Clinic will ensure that your individual requirements are met through the suitable choice of cosmetic surgery.* Certain methods are particularly aimed at retaining the ability to breastfeed after surgery, whereas others could eliminate such a possibility. In some patients a ‘short scar’ approach can be applied, reducing the extent of the scar to a minimum, particularly in the region below the breasts.

This cosmetic surgery can either be performed under general anaesthesia or in a number of, patients under conscious sedation supported with local anaesthesia. Patients are encouraged to discontinue smoking six weeks prior to the surgery. If such discontinuation is not possible, patients are urged to radically reduce their smoking. Before the procedure, it may also be recommended that patient have a mammogram.

About the breast lift procedure

Prior to the surgery, the breast cosmetic procedure is designed and drawn on the patient’s chest, while they are still in a standing position. The incisions can be designed to reduce the size of the areola as well. Every attempt is made to minimise the extent of the scar and to integrate it into ‘concealed places’ such as the boundary of colour between the areola and the lighter skin of the breast.

The patient can undergo the cosmetic surgery as an out-patient / on a day clinic basis. However, it is more common that an overnight stay in hospital is necessary. Recovery usually involves few complications. The patient can expect to experience minimal to moderate pain, and painkillers can ordinarily used to control any such pain. It is recommended that the patient wear a supportive bra from the first day after the operation and continue to do so for a few weeks after the surgery. Any swelling and discolouration around the incisions are likely to subside within one or two weeks. A temporary loss of sensation in the region of the nipples is likely to occur, but normal sensation is likely to return to normal within a few weeks to a few months. The patient can usually return to her daily routine within ten to fourteen days and strenuous activity such as gym, within three to four weeks.

What about the scars?

One of three cosmetic surgical approaches can be applied, depending on the shape of the patient’s breasts and her personal features.

The keyhole incision – This is the most popular incision for cosmetic breast elevation and it results in a scar around the areola, a vertical component and a cut below the breast.

The vertical scar – Beautiful breasts are created by lifting the breasts through the areola and a vertical incision, with no cut under the breast.

The peri-areolar incision – Breast cosmetic surgery is achieved by placing an incision along the border of colour on the border of the areola.