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Total Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery

*Individual results may vary

Blepharoplasty, eye and eyelid rejuvenation beforeBlepharoplasty, eye and eyelid rejuvenation after

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The eyelid surgery procedure is called Blepharoplasty.

Purpose of blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery serves the purpose of improving tired, sad looking eyes associated with sagging and droopy eyelids. It also reduces the appearance of puffy bags under the eyes which typically develop in the lower lid region of the eye. This is a result of the aging process of the eyelid.

Plastic Surgery length

The duration of the surgery is generally 1 – 1 ½ hours.


The patient has a choice between conscious sedation with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.


The patient will either undergo ambulatory surgery or may be required to stay overnight.


The patient is likely to experience minimal pain. The swelling is likely to reach its peak 24 to 48 hours after the surgery and then will start to reduce. After 5 to 7 days the bruises are likely to have healed. The patient should be able to return to work within 3 to 7 days and makeup can be applied within one week of the surgery.*


The cost of the procedure may vary based on the plastic surgeon’s fees, the type of anaesthesia that is administered, and the setting used for the cosmetic surgery.

General Information

Patients, male and females, often complain of appearing to be tired and sad, when they are in fact rested and relaxed, due to droopy eyelids, dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes. By removing excess skin, remodelling the fat bags and tightening the eyelid muscles, the eyelid cosmetic surgery addresses this issue. In order to correct any obstruction of the visual field due to the heavy skin, it may sometimes be necessary to remove skin from the upper lids.

Eyelid cosmetic surgery can either be done as an isolated procedure or combined with other cosmetic procedures such as brow lift, face lift, cosmetic Laser resurfacing, rhinoplasty and others. The surgery can be done under local anaesthesia as an ambulatory procedure or in an operating suite under general anaesthetic. The natural creases of the upper and lower eyelids discretely conceal the incisions