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Buttock Augmentation and Enlargement Surgery

*Individual results may vary

Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

Women’s round full buttock carries a significant aesthetic and sensual importance in many cultures, both African and Caucasian. The full youthful bottom often losses its appearance as a result of aging and particularly after massive weight loss. In the past, a variety of padded garments were designed to add volume to the flat buttock. Nowadays, however, flat buttock is difficult to conceal with clothing. The revealing modern G-string type bikinis do not grace the flat buttock either. These social and cultural factors lead to a very rapid rise in the popularity of Buttock Contouring.

The Brazilian Buttock Lift

A variety of surgical techniques are available to deal with the flat sagging buttock.*

Some Brazilian plastic surgeons recommend using specially designed silicone implants through an incision placed in the cleft between the buttocks. This operation never enjoyed wide support due to high incidence of complications and unsatisfactory results.

The vast majority of women will benefit from fat injections to the buttocks. Fat harvested from other parts of the body using a technique similar to liposuction but performed with a syringe rather then a machine. The fat is injected back into the buttocks using specially designed injection equipment. This technique is virtually scar less. The augmentation is limited by the amount of fat available for transfer, as is the case with any other approach based on the concept of “redistribution of wealth”