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Breast Implants and Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Implants

A major concern for many women is the size of their breasts; primarily the concern that their breasts are too small. As a result, one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery is breast enlargement. If women are looking to improve the shape, symmetry, size and volume of their breasts, breast implants would be a desirable choice and a step closer to truly beautiful breasts.*

Breast Implant Procedure : About

The procedure involves surgical incisions and the insertion of a pair of implants into the breasts. A variety of incisions can be used and are available to choose from. During consultation, the advantages of each type of incision will be discussed with you, so that you can make an informed decision. Of the choices available, the most commonly used incisions for breast implants are the armpit, around the areola, or at the area where the breast and chest meet. A further choice can be made between placing the breast implant in a pocket created behind the breast, or behind the muscle.

Surgery length

The actually breast surgery is estimated to take between 60 and 90 minutes under conscious sedation with local anaesthetic or general anaesthesia.


The recovery process does not usually involve must stress on the body and patients can expect to return to full physical activity within a few days. Pain killers can be used to control any discomfort experienced in the first few days. It should be kept in mind however, that every patient is unique and recovery may vary between individuals.

Breast Implants : About

All breast implants are enclosed within a silicone shell. These breast implants can be filled with a choice of either saline solution (physiological salt water), or silicone gel and are either smooth or textured. Silicone is a bio-compatible substance that has been used for a variety of medical and surgical procedures for many years. Breast Implants are produced in an assortment of shapes, textures and sizes. Choosing the correct size and shape of breast implant for your own cosmetic surgery would be a process you would go through with Vive Clinic during your consultation. The decision will be affected by your desires, weight, body shape and other personal considerations.

What about the scars?

Vive's aim in breast implant surgery is to achieve minimal scarring. Various techniques are available and the best one for you will be selected, depending on your personal features and preferences

Under the arm – the incision is placed in the armpit and has the advantage of leaving no scar on the breast.

Under the breast the incision is placed in the shadow beneath the breast.

Areola incision this incision is placed in the interface of colour on the border of the areola.

Considering breast augmentation?